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Life Insurance Comparison for You

Trying to figure out Life Insurance? Let us steer you in the right direction! Life Insurance is complex so it’s tailored for you and your situation. A common way to figure out what kind of policy suits you is by understanding which stage of life you’re at.

Learn more about what you should consider when you have the responsibilities of a young adult, middle-aged or happily retired lifestyle.


Ages 20-30

Have you ever thought about protecting your independence? At this point you may not have many liabilities – but if you were suddenly without reliable income, who can you rely on to pay off the car loan and cover your rent?

Check out what you should consider when you’re aged 20-30.



Ages 30-40

Bills, loan repayments and the expenses of raising a family means there isn’t usually room for sudden changes. So what should you consider? A Life Insurance safety net is important to protect anyone dependent on you and your lifestyle.

Make sure you consider a policy right for your 30s.



Ages 40-50

While in the prime of your life, there are many responsibilities and probably a few dependants to consider. Your children and your partner could require more attention and protection than ever before. We can help navigate this stage of your life.

Find out what you need to consider so your care extends to health, extended family and even a business.



Ages 50-60

Are you beginning to experience big changes? Your children are more independent, your liabilities have decreased and now the focus is back on you. Now is the time to prepare for retirement, strengthen your financial standing and ensure a comfortable future lifestyle.

Let us help you figure out your 50s.



Ages 60+

At this point, you could still be working – even if you aren’t, you’re looking for peace of mind in case anything happens. Find out exactly what you should consider in Life Insurance when you’re over 60.

We can help you find a policy right for you.

Page last updated: January 16, 2015