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We help organisations and individuals in raising awareness of their life insurance and super plan options.

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Insurances can help you financially in many ways. All you need is the right policy and the best broker for insurance. With us, you’re in safe hands. Get rid of uncertainty with the most trusted Australian insurance broker here at Wealth Smart. Ask for your insurance quote and select the most suitable cover from one of the most popular insurance companies in Australia. 

What Wealth Smart can do for you as one of the best insurance companies in Australia?

As experienced financial advisers in Melbourne, we can help you identify your needs and subscribe to the right insurance that fulfils those needs. If you are thinking of locating a financial advisor near you or insurance brokers in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. Here’s a list of insurances we can advise you on:

    • Life Insurance: Compare life insurance covers and pick one based on term, premium, and a host of other factors. Get life insurance quotes online from leading insurers after looking into the fine print. Solve common questions like ‘what is life insurance?’, or think of types of life insurance in Australia and compare the companies. We are the answer to your ‘insurance brokers near me’ and ‘what insurance brokers do’ questions.  So here’s that:

We are your insurance planner. We help you understand how much is life insurance worth and how does life insurance work. Get a life insurance quote in Australia from insurance companies in Melbourne and insurance brokers across Australia. 

  • Income protection: Compare life insurance quotes from your personal financial advisor. Take steps to safeguard a portion of your income to meet your daily expenses even in cases you are off work. Besides a life insurance quote online in an instant, Wealth Smart offers fool-proof suggestions as to the best financial advisor in Melbourne.
  • Corporate and Personal Superannuation: As your online financial advisor we resolve concerns like ‘what is a death benefit in life insurance’, assist you to compare life insurance policy online’, and get life insurance premium quote’ As superannuation advisors in Australia we aid you in building a secure future fund.
  • Commercial insurance: We are firm insurance brokers too. Talk to us about protecting your assets and investments. 
  • Personal insurance: What is permanent life insurance and how does it work? Find out answers to this and many more questions. Find specialist insurance cover, and compare life cover insurance along with family life insurance quotes. 

Connect with your friendly insurance boutique brokers. Our senior insurance specialist and our entire specialist insurance agency are eager to listen to you. Call us at 1800 765 100.