NEOS Life is a specialist Australian life insurance business that offers a comprehensive suite of retail life insurance products available through financial advisers.

We’re committed to setting a new standard in the life insurance industry, with fairer, guaranteed pricing, faster decisions and overall better customer outcomes. 

We’re 100% Australian owned and 100% focused on the adviser market which means great service, all of the time. All NEOS registered advisers get a dedicated underwriter, service consultant and BDM.

NEOS has been voted the best life insurance business by advisers in the recently released Adviser Ratings Marketplace results. NEOS was also awarded Underwriting Team of the Year in 2019 by AFA Beddoes Institute Life Company of the Year.

NEOS life insurance products are issued by NobleOak, one of Australia’s longest standing insurers, and are reinsured by a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest insurers, Pacific Life Re.

Why choose NEOS?

Our product has been specifically designed for your regular, healthy clients, with everyday needs. NEOS Protection provides: 

  • Life Cover – a lump sum payment if the insured person dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness. This money can be used to pay off debts, pay day-to-day expenses, or be invested for the family’s future needs.
  • Total and Permanent (TPD) Covera lump sum payment if the insured person becomes totally and permanently disabled. This money can be used to help pay medical expenses or cover the cost of necessary lifestyle changes.
  • Critical Illness Cover a lump sum payment if the insured person suffers a critical illness. It can help take away the worry of having to pay for day-to-day expenses while undergoing treatment or recovering from surgery.
  • Child Covera lump sum payment if the insured child dies, is diagnosed with a terminal illness or suffers a critical illness. It provides financial support to help a family concentrate on what’s important.
  • Income Protection Coverreplaces up to 75% of the insured person’s income if they’re unable to work due to illness or injury.  This can help cover day-to-day expenses such as school fees and mortgage and car repayments; allowing the insured person to focus on recovery. Income Protection Cover is available inside and outside superannuation.

We offer cover inside and outside superannuation for Income Protection Cover, Total and Permanent Disability Cover and Life Cover.

By removing unnecessary complexity from our product, we can deliver superior technology solutions and customer service to you and your clients. This means NEOS Protection doesn’t offer niche products like Business Expenses or cover for jumbo sums insured.

The NEOS Experience

The NEOS Experience is what makes us different and what makes us better. We employ the best people in the industry who share our passion for outstanding service.

  • Our market leading underwriting process not only delivers a great experience for advisers and their clients, we’re also fast. We aim to make 80% of underwriting decisions in 3 working days.
  • Our adoption of the latest technology means we can share the rewards of efficiency by offering highly competitive premiums without compromising the quality of cover.
  • Our start-up mentality means our decision-making process is quick and decisive: everyone, including our senior team are easily accessible.
  • We devote our time to helping advisers grow their businesses because we don’t have legacy issues or loss-making books.

Our Claims Experience

We believe there’s no better way of creating a new standard in life insurance than delivering a great claims experience. That’s why we’ve created NEOS PR1ORITY. It’s our dedicated claims team, set up to ensure every customer who claims becomes our number one priority.