Asteron Life Insurance and Income Protection

Australia’s Life Insurance market is full of innovative and highly competitive wealth management funds, but not many can claim they wrote the first Life Insurance policy in Australia. Since 1883, Asteron Life has been providing Australians with long-term financial security, sustainable premiums, and reliability, fairness and responsibility to clients and advisers.

In 2010, the company paid more than $248 million to over 3100 customers Australia-wide.

Today, they are proud members of the Suncorp Group, an Australian leader for general insurance, banking and wealth management.

Why choose Asteron Life?

When joining Asteron Life, policyholders can rest-assured that their financial investment is safe. Asteron Life is backed by Suncorp Group, a parent company for many general insurance companies, with assets of more than $95.5 billion and over 9 million customers.

In addition to paying Life Cover claims, Asteron Life is dedicated to ensuring their customers can live the happiest and healthiest lives possible. Asteron Life does this with their Asteron Life Wellbeing Program, an online health and wellbeing resource with information, tips, recipes, health assessment tools, meal and weight-loss programs. It’s accessible to all who hold Asteron Life Insurance.


Asteron Life can help with:

  • Life Cover
    Lets you prepare for your family’s financial future with a lump sum payout in the event of your death.
  • TPD Cover
    Helps you modify your lifestyle and gives you choice and options if you’re left without the ability to work and earn an income.
  • Trauma Cover
    Pays you a one-off lump sum of up to $2 million if you have a serious medical condition, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or become disabled from an accident.
  • Income Protection
    Replaces your income if you can’t work due to sickness or injury. You can choose from four Income Protection covers, and you’ll also be able to work up to 10 hours per week without a reduction in your benefit.

Want to compare Asteron Life with the competition? You can compare Asteron’s insurance policies with other life insurers through our free quote service.

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You can compare Asteron insurance policies with other policy providers through our free quote service.