Employer Solutions
Selecting the right superannuation fund for your organisation is crucial for both employer and employees. It will impact how your business operates, your employee relations, and the quality of retirement benefits for your people.
Employer Solutions

Employer Solutions

Your most important asset is your people, and you must ensure they are satisfied and well educated by your business super fund. You also want your super arrangement to be stress free and easy to operate. While some employers may not make any payment to the super fund, many are required to make a superannuation employer contribution by law. Even if you are self-employed, you may choose to set up and invest in a self employed superannuation fund.

Selecting the right superannuation fund for your organisation is crucial for both employer and employees. It will impact how your business operates, your employee relations, and the quality of retirement benefits for your people.

We provide a total solution tailored to suit the needs of your business and your employees through sourcing the most appropriate super fund available in the market, which in turn forms the complying Company Super Fund.

Wealth Smart engages employers by helping to identify the most effective program of benefits for your people, including but not limited to superannuation. We help raise awareness of your super plan offering and increase employee engagement with not just their super, but all facets of their financial life planning activities. It is also seen that the opportunity of getting employer superannuation benefits draws in top talents and enhances retention rates.

Our services include:


Once you have decided to outsource your super or change existing funds, Wealth Smart will manage a full tender on your behalf. We will take you through a full range of options that best match your needs as employer and your employee superannuation objectives with the best available offerings in the marketplace. We can help you cut costs and meet compliance goals.  


A dedicated team consisting of Wealth Smart team members and advisers together with the appropriate appointed fund manager will manage all aspects of your organisations transition.  We will ensure smooth implementation with minimal interruption to your core business with minimised costs to members.


The smooth running of your platform will be maintained with service levels being agreed upon by all parties involved; including the amount of contact required, levels of reporting from the most complex to simple levels, timeframes and process for communications, and most importantly,         the timing of regular reviews of not only the market but how the chosen company fund is performing within the market and from an administration point of view. In short, we provide you with the best insurance services that offer you the freedom to pursue the most important tasks at work.  


Wealth Smart will support your organisation with our communications and education programs, ensuring all members understand the benefits on offer and the advantages to potential new members. We will develop and implement ongoing educational programs, supported by group seminars, individual support and advice, regular member communications, and access to a member only online resource centre. All these will help your staff make informed decisions.  


Wealth Smart provides a comprehensive program of benefits for your employees to make the most of their super, their financial well-being and enabling them to take advantage of some great benefits to enjoy now. Not just your permanent staff, but casual employees too have something to gain. Under casual employment superannuation in Australia, your casual staff is able to draw similar profits. Our program will increase your employee engagement and loyalty with your organisation.

For those who are engaged in their own occupations, Wealth Smart can help them find the best superannuation for self-employed. So you can protect your future just like any full time employee who enjoys employer super benefits.

Education – We provide financial education to equip your employees in making more effective decisions about their financial well-being. We help to empower your employees in taking control of their super and financial affairs, enhancing the reputation of your employment offering.

Financial Advice – Your employees have access to a dedicated group of financial advisers to assist with obtaining advice on a range of financial matters including insurance, income protection, estate planning, retirement planning, and taxation.

Helpline Advice Service – Wealth Smart provides assistance to your employees over the phone, assisting with a range of common and personal enquiries.

Wealth Smart is always ready to assist you with all your staff insurance concerns as an employer. Call us at 1800 765 100 to know more about superannuation basics for employers and help your employees live a comfortable life post-retirement.



What is the employer superannuation contribution rate?

The super contribution rate is currently 9.5% of annual gross salary. Employers are required to pay this on a quarterly basis although some may choose to pay in line with your usual pay cycle.

What is the compulsory superannuation employer contribution?

9.5% of your pre tax salary at the time of publication.

How does an employer pay super?

Super is lodged through a clearing house via the ATO. This is all generally handled by payroll in the back office for most work places. Queries regarding these payments are probably best directed to your payroll agent but we are happy to assist Where we can if you believe you may have some missing contributions.