Consolidate Your Super
Changing jobs, retiring or redundancy all involves change with many decisions to be made. Super can easily be overlooked but decisions about your super investment are important and can have long-term implications.
Consolidate Your Super

Consolidating Your Super

Chances are you have more than one super account and you may not even know it. Staying educated and informed about your super can help you make the right decisions.

For example, when you leave an employer, your final payment will be made up of different components. Your super will be one of them. Depending on your age, you might be able to access your super immediately or you may need to consolidate into another super fund. Even if you can access your super, it may be better to consolidate it over for taxation purposes.

Consolidating or rolling over your super into one account can reduce the number of fees you currently pay and makes it easier to keep track of and manage your super affairs.

Consolidating your super into your existing fund is easy and you simply need to complete your existing fund’s appropriate form and they will do the rest.