Trauma Insurance, also known as Critical Illness Insurance, provides a lump sum payment on diagnosis of a serious medical condition. Benefits vary widely according to the condition, with generally fewer benefits available at lower premiums. Trauma Insurance can apply to individuals between the ages of 17 and 59 with full cover extending up to 70 years of age

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance can help provide financial peace of mind in the event of sickness or injury. Such an event negatively impacts the policy holder’s primary source of income when they are unable to work.

As part of a suite of financial products, securing your future with trauma and income protection premiums is necessary to fill potential future gaps in your income. You can get the income protection you need through trauma cover or protection insurance income so if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury, you will have protection. You can also discuss income protection tax-deductible benefits with an expert.

When you ask for a trauma insurance quote from an insurance company, don’t forget to talk about the other insurance products for which you may be eligible. These products can include income protection insurance, life insurance, and an accident benefit option.

The more life insurance and similar policies you have to protect yourself later in life, the better off your future financial situation. If you’re unable to work for any reason due to accidental injury or disease, at least you will have less financial stress knowing you have income protection.

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What types of Trauma Insurance are available?

The number and types of benefits available vary widely by policy and provider, with cheaper policies generally providing fewer benefits.

You should remember that life TPD and trauma insurance is just the over-reaching category and that insurers have their criteria. What is acceptable for one insurer may just be insufficient for the other. Before signing on the dotted line, talk to insurance experts here at Wealth Smart.

The most common claims for these policies include heart attack, coronary bypass, stroke, and cancer. Other conditions covered by Trauma Insurance include paraplegia, major head trauma, blindness, severe/major burns, and many more.

How do Trauma Insurance policies differ?

Trauma Cover can be provided in conjunction with Life Insurance cover, or by itself as a stand alone policy.

While most Trauma Insurance policies will cover you for a wide range of illnesses, it should be noted that policies from different providers may differ in how they define each illness. We recommend you read the insurer’s product disclosure document (PDS) in full to check which conditions are excluded and the degree to which each condition is covered.

Getting a Trauma Insurance quote

Trauma Insurance can be the best way to ensure you and your family to avoid short to medium term financial hardship in the event of an accident or illness. Wealth Smart makes the job of finding the best Trauma Insurance quote as easy as possible, helping you achieve peace of mind, whatever the future holds. When you compare quotes from life and trauma insurance providers, you can see what each policy means as an investment.

Choosing a Trauma Insurance policy

Finding a Trauma Insurance policy can be a time consuming process given the many options available. Wealth Smart makes it easy by helping you find the right Trauma Insurance policy for you and your unique circumstances – saving you the time and legwork involved and giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your family will continue to be looked after, no matter what happens. Before you take our life TPD trauma insurance cover, spare a few moments to talk to us, your friendly insurance brokers who make the entire process hassle-free. We walk every step of the way with you and help you have the best life and trauma insurance you deserve and need.

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