Private Client Solutions

Take charge of your personalised financial planning. Because who else can understand your fund requirements better than you? Manage your funds your own way with guidance from us. Our program creates opportunities for you to make the most of your financial affairs, your financial and lifestyle goals, and gives you the ability to take advantage of some great member benefits to enjoy now.

Wealth Smart encourages our Private Clients to become more actively involved in your financial well-being and financial life planning activities. We are ready to help you maximise every investment with end-to-end assistance.  We want you to arrive at a financial plan that is uniquely yours. For example, if there are discounts available for insurance premiums, we will make sure you get them. With personal financial planning, we can help you reduce your expenses, pay lower taxes, and make major contributions to your retirement funds. 

We offer you guidance so you can take charge of your personal financial planning. Our program creates opportunities for you to make the most of your financial affairs, your financial and lifestyle goals, and gives you the ability to take advantage of some great member benefits to enjoy now. With our assistance, you can get the right personalised financial planning according to your needs.


Private Clients have access to dedicated financial advisers to assist with obtaining advice on a range of financial matters including super, insurance, income protection, estate planning, transition to retirement strategies, and retirement planning. We make sure all your concerns are addressed. 


It is essential to educate yourself about the best practices related to financial planning and personal finance. With the right guidance and planning, wealth creation, debt management, tax planning, income protection, and retirement benefits can all be achieved by everyone. No matter how financially distressed you are at the moment, there is always a financial plan that can turn around your fortunes.  

We provide financial education to equip you to make more effective decisions about your financial well-being. We help to empower you to take control of your financial affairs through a variety of financial, investment, and super communications:

  • Our private client newsletter provides resourceful information on all issues about your financial affairs.
  • Online library of articles and information covering a range of subjects from budgeting through to wealth planning.
  • Online glossary contains definitions for a number of financial and investment terms.
  • Interactive calculators and planning tools to help you with your wealth planning needs.
  • Fact sheets and frequently asked questions on everything from your super fund to retirement planning and investing.
  • Regular updates on legislative changes that provide you with new opportunities.
  • Financial Life Planning seminars and other informative sessions to help empower and provide you with the knowledge to make your own financial life decisions.


Wealth Smart provides assistance to Private Clients over the phone via a toll free dedicated number, assisting with a range of common and personal enquiries about your financial affairs. We take your personal financial planning and management very seriously. Our services are spread across different areas like life insurance, TPD, Superannuation, Trauma, cover for couples and families, SMSF, and many more investment choices. We help you compare insurances and investment options from top insurers and pick a financial plan that best suits your budget and lifestyle, and let you achieve your future monetary targets.

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How do you write a personal financial plan?

Whenever we complete a financial plan for a client they always receive an official Statement of Advice that documents all the finer details as to What we are recommending and Why we are recommending it.

Can I do my own financial planning?

Of course you can, but the example I like to use is, I would never cut my own hair, I leave that to the experts. Financial planning can be viewed the same way.