Comminsure Trauma Cover

Comminsure Trauma Cover

If suffered a specific medical event condition or critical illness Comminsure Trauma Cover can help take the financial pressure off an already stressful situation. Trauma Cover helps fill the gaps of a policy, as it can be claimed by those who are not employed, such as stay-at-home parents. You also do not have to be disabled to make a claim.

With a benefit maximum of $2 million, Trauma Cover can be used to cover expenses that aren’t covered by your regular health insurance policy, such as the costs of some treatments, the cost of hiring a carer, rehabilitation bills, and any lost income.

What conditions trigger a payout?

Comminsure Trauma Cover can help with the accompanying medical costs of a specific medical condition, and can help to lessen lifestyle changes that result from any of Comminsure’s 49 specified illnesses or injuries. These include:

  • Heart disorders, such as a heart attack and replacement of a heart valve
  • Nervous system disorders, such as major head trauma and a stroke
  • Body organ disorders, such as cancer, loss of speech and kidney failure
  • Blood disorders, including HIV and advanced diabetes
  • Loss of limbs or sight

While Trauma Cover only specifies 49 specific medical conditions, if you take out Trauma Cover Plus, you could claim a partial benefit on an additional 13 medical conditions, including:

  • Early-stage ovarian cancer
  • Early-stage melanoma
  • Partial loss of hearing
  • Partial blindness

Is there a waiting period to receive my benefit?

There is a three-month qualifying period for a number of Comminsure’s specified medical conditions, including all of the Trauma Cover Plus medical conditions.

What types of cover can I choose from?

You can purchase this cover on its own, or combined with Life Care or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).

What’s included?

In addition to the lump sum provided, Comminsure Trauma Cover offers a variety of additional benefits to help you get back on your feet again.

  • Loyalty bonus benefit:
    If you suffer from one of Comminsure’s Trauma Cover conditions after five years of holding the cover and make a claim, Comminsure will increase the benefit by 5%.
  • Severe hardship booster benefit:
    You could receive extra benefits if you suffer from one of Comminsure’s specified severe trauma conditions, including severe burns or quadriplegia.
  • Buy back benefit:
    Whereas most insurers only let you claim a benefit once, Comminsure may reinstate your entire premium after 12 months of you making a claim. After 12 months Comminsure will reinstate your trauma cover if a trauma claim and your benefit is reduced to less than $10,000
  • Financial planning benefit:
    Comminsure will reimburse you for up to $5000 if you need additional financial advice.
  • Accommodation benefit:
    If a family member is required to travel to take care of you, Comminsure will pay up to $350 a day for up to 30-days to help cover the costs of accommodation.
  • Automatic Indexation:
    As with many of Comminsure’s other insurance policies, your Trauma Cover benefit will increase in line with inflation automatically, so it stays valuable to you from year-to-year.

For an extra cost, you can also take advantage of the following benefits.

  • Trauma Plus:
    You could receive a partial benefit for an extra 13 specified trauma conditions such as certain early-stage cancers, partial blindness and diabetes complications.
  • Plan Protection:
    If you make a claim, you don’t have to pay Trauma Cover premiums while you’re temporarily disabled.
  • Guaranteed insurability:
    Lets you increase Trauma Cover without having to provide more health information after certain personal events such as the life insured getting married or divorced, having a child or their spouse dying.
  • Child Cover:
    Comminsure Trauma Cover lets you use your policy to take care of your family too. You can add your children to your Trauma Cover policy, and receive up to $250,000 if they suffer from one of Comminsure’s child-specific trauma conditions or pass away.
  • Business safe cover:
    This benefit is similar to the Guaranteed Insurability benefits. When you apply for cover, you will be assessed on three occasions as to the amount of cover you require. With this option, you can increase your trauma cover without having to provide medical documentation.

Want to see how Commsinsure Trauma Cover measures up? You can compare Comminsure’s premiums with other policy providers through our free quote service.

Page last updated: February 26, 2014