Zurich Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance

Zurich Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance

When an illness or injury leaves you sick and unable to work ever again, the financial effects would be similar to what would have happened if the injury or illness had resulted in your death. So what’s the difference? When you’re totally and permanently disabled, your family don’t get the benefits of a life insurance policy. Because your family’s financial requirement don’t change when your permanently disabled, Total and Permanent Disability insurance is essential for meeting the price of everyday living. It can help you with:

  • Paying your rent or mortgage
  • Covering the costs of medical bills
  • Providing for your children’s education
  • Funding the costs of hiring a home carer
  • Paying for home renovations needed as a result of your condition

That’s why choosing Zurich’s multi-award winning Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) policy is a smart choice when preparing for a down-turn in your health. Zurich’s TPD insurance can offer financial assistance for those who need help in meeting the costs of their rehabilitation, as well paying for their daily living expenses. Depending upon your occupation type, you could receive a lump sum payout of up to $5 million.

What does Zurich’s TPD Insurance cover?

Zurich defines a total and permanent disability as:

  • The loss of a hand or a foot;
  • Loss of eye sight in one eye or both;
  • A Combination of the above two conditions;
  • Any other illness or injury which means you’re unlikely to work ever again;
  • Any other illness or injury which means you can’t perform normal home duties;
  • Any other illness or injury which has left you unable to perform at least to activities of daily living;
  • Cognitive impairment.

What’s included?

Along with a TPD lump sum benefit, Zurich’s TPD benefit can also provide:

  • Partial TPD benefit
    Zurich will pay you a partial advance payment if you suffer from a specific injury, such as the loss of an arm or a foot.
  • Interim Cover
    When you apply for TPD Insurance, your application needs to be processed before it becomes active. During this period-of-time, Zurich will provide you with some interim cover while you wait. This means you won’t miss out on the protection you need should you become sick or injured while waiting for your application to be processed.
  • Inflation protection
    Because the Consumer Price Index rises every year, so too will your premium. To ensure that you get the most value out of your insurance, Zurich will increase your cover ever year as well.
  • Financial planning advice
    If you need to seek professional financial guidance, Zurich will reimburse you for up to $3000 for the cost of getting a financial plan.
  • Premium freeze
    Don’t want your premiums to change? You can pay the same amount year after year. This also means your sum insured will decrease.
  • Premium holiday
    Can’t afford your premiums for a while? Zurich lets you take a holiday from paying for up to 1 year.
  • Double TPD option
    Because a claim against your TPD Insurance can affect your linked cover, Zurich will reinstate your Death Cover with premiums waived after you receive your Trauma benefit.
  • Buy back TPD option
    If you have Trauma cover and make a claim, your TPD insurance will be affected. With the buy back TPD option, you can have your TPD Insurance reinstated.

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Page last updated: April 12, 2014